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Creating a User Account and Login to System

We recommend that you use Firefox as your web browser during registration.

You will need to create a parent "User Account" and then connect to your student via his/her Student ID and Date of Birth before being able to register. Select the Blue Wallet Icon above to loging. Once you've created your account, you will just need your user name and password for subsequent visits to the site.

You canĀ review this document if you need assistance creating your user account for the first time. If you need additional assistance setting up your account, you can call 1-800-934-2621. If you have other questions, please call the Athletics Office (contact info on the Contact Us page).

Please download and read the MSHSL Eligibility Brochure prior to registering. This can be found under the Forms tab, above.

Free/Reduced Lunch and Team Manager Registration

If you qualify for Free/Reduced lunch or want to register as a Team Manager, please register for the "Special Considerations" item in the catalog. We will then contact you regarding your payment, if any.

Activity Passes    +
2022/23 Punch Pass, 2022/23 Punch Pass    
2022/23 Student Pass, 2022/23 Student Pass    
Boys Cross Country JV/V   +
BCCOUNTRY JV/V-2022, Boys Cross Country 2022    
Boys Soccer JV/V   +
BSOCCER JV/V-2022, Boys Soccer 2022    
BPA (9th-12th Grade)    +
BPA 2022-2023, BPA (9th-12th Grade)    
Cheer Team   +
CHEER TEAM 2022, Cheer Team 2022    
Dance Try Outs   +
Dance Try Outs 2022, Dance Try Outs 2022    
DECA (9th-12th Grade)   +
DECA 2022-2023, DECA (9th-12th Grade)    
Fall Dance   +
FALL DANCE 2022, Fall Dance 2022    
Fall Musical/School Play 2022   +
FALL MUSICAL 2022, Fall Musical/School Play 2022/2023    
Football 9-12   +
FOOTBALL 9-12 2022, Football 2022    
Girls Cross Country JV/V   +
GCCOUNRTY JV/V-2022, Girls Cross Country 2022    
Girls Soccer C/JV/V   +
GSOCCER C/JV/V-2022, Girls Soccer 2022    
Girls Swim/Dive JV/V   +
GSWIMDIVE JV/V-2022, Girls Swim/Dive 2022    
Girls Tennis C/JV/V   +
GTENNIS C/JV/V-2022, Girls Tennis 2022    
Special Considerations-Free/Reduced or Team Manager   +
SPEC CONSIDERATIONS, Special Considerations 2022/23    
Volleyball - 7   +
VOLLEYBALL 7-2022, Volleyball 7-2022    
Volleyball - 8   +
VOLLEYBALL 8-2022, Volleyball 8-2022    
Volleyball 9-12    +
VOLLEYBALL 9-12 2022, Volleyball 2022