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We have a new consumer portal to provide updated privacy, as well as several new features for parents, including a mobile-friendly interface!

You will need to create a parent "User Account" and then connect to your student via his/her Student ID and Date of Birth before being able to register. Once you've created your account, you will just need your user name and password for subsequent visits to the site.

You can review this document if you need assistance creating your user account for the first time. If you need additional assistance setting up your account, you can call 1-800-934-2621. If you have other questions, please call the Athletics Office (contact info on the Contact Us page).

Please download and read the MSHSL Eligibility Brochure prior to registering. This can be found under the Forms tab, above.

Free/Reduced Lunch and Team Manager Registration

If you qualify for Free/Reduced lunch or want to register as a Team Manager, please register for the "Special Considerations" item in the catalog. We will then contact you regarding your payment, if any.

2019-20 Activity Passes   +
2019-20 Student Pass    
2019-20 Punch Pass, 10 Punch Pass    
Adaptive Bowling   +
S-BAB2020, Boys Adaptive    
S-GAB2020, Adaptive Bowling - Girls    
Alpine Ski   +
W-ASBVJV195, Alpine Ski Boys V/JV    
W-SGVJV1920, Alpine Ski Girls JV/V    
Baseball Boys High School   +
S-BBVJV92020, Baseball 9/JV/V    
Basketball Boys 9/JV/V   +
W-BBBVJV1920, Basketball V/JV/9    
Basketball Boys-Middle School 7th Grade   +
W-BBBMS71920, Basketball 7    
Basketball Boys-Middle School 8th Grade   +
W-BBBMS81920, Basketball 8    
Basketball Girls 9/JV/Varsity   +

W-BBGB1920, Basketball Girls JV/V    
Basketball Girls-Middle School 7th Grade   +

W-BBGB71920, Basketball Girls 7    
Basketball Girls-Middle School 8th Grade   +

W-BBG81920, Basketball Girls 8    
Boys Lacrosse   +
S-LBVJV2020, Boys Lacrosse    
Cheer Team JV/Varsity   +
F-CHV19, Cheer Team JV/V    
Cross Country Boys V / JV   +
F-CCB19, Cross Country Boys V/JV    
Cross Country Girls V / JV   +
F-CCG19, Cross Country Girls V/JV    
Dance Team Girls V / JV   +

W-DTG1920, Dance Team V/JV Winter    
Fall Dance   +
F-DG19, Fall Dance    
Fall Musical   +
YR-FM19, Fall Musical    
Football Boys 7   +

F-MSFB19, Football Boys 7    
Girls Lacrosse   +
S-LGVJV2020, Girls Lacrosse    
Golf Boys V / JV   +

S-GBVJV-2020, Boys Golf JV/V    
Golf Girls V / JV   +

S-GGVJV2020, Golf Girls V/JV    
Graduation Fees   +
Grad Fee 2020    
Gymnastics Girls V / JV   +

W-GGVJV1920, Gymnastics V/JV    
Hockey Boys JV/Varsity   +

W-HBVJV1920, Boys Hockey V/JV    
Hockey Girls JV/Varsity   +

W-HGV1920, Hockey Girls JV/V    
Knowledge Bowl V / JV   +

YR-KBVJV-1920, Knowledge Bowl    
Marching Band   +
F-MB19-20, Fall Marching Band    
Math League   +

YR-ML1819, Math League    
One Act Play JV/Varsity   +

YR-OAP1920, One Act Play    
Play MS   +

MS-Play1920, Middle School Play    
Robotics   +
Robotics1920, Robotics 2019-2020    
Soccer Boys JV/Varsity   +

F-SBVJV19, Soccer Boys JV/V    
Soccer Girls Varsity/JV/JV II   +

F-SGV19, Soccer Girls JV/V    
Softball Girls High School   +

S-GS2020, Girls Softball 9/JV/V    
Special Considerations Free/Reduced Lunch or Team Manager   +
1920 -SpecConsid, Special Consideration    
Special Considerations Free/Reduced or Team Manager   +
If you qualify for Free/Reduced lunch or want to register as a Team Manager, please register for the "Special Considerations" item in the catalog. We will then contact you regarding your payment, if any. PLEASE NOTE: the price of this item is indicated as FREE. Please select the CHECKOUT button after completing the forms.
1920-SpecConsid, Special Consideration    
Special Considerations Free/Reduced, Team Manager, or Tech Crew   +
19-20-SpecConsid, Special Consideration    
Speech V / JV   +

YR-Speech, Speech    
Strength & Speed Training (7th-12th Grade)   +
W-WLGVJV1920, Strength & Speed Training Girls (Winter)    
W-WLB1920, Strength & Speed - Boys (Winter)    
Swimming Boys V / JV   +

W-SBVJV1920, Swim/Dive Boys JV/V    
Swimming Girls V / JV   +

F-SWGV19, Swim/Dive Girls JV/V    
Tennis Boys JV/Varsity   +

S-TBVJV2020, Boys Tennis    
Tennis Girls Varsity/JV/C Squad   +

F-TGV19, Tennis Girls V/JV    
Track Boys V / JV   +

S-TB2020, Boys Track & Field    
Trapshooting   +
S-TSB2020, Trapshooting Boys    
S-TSG2020, Trapshooting Girls    
Volleyball Girls 7   +

F-MSVB719, Volleyball Girls 7    
Volleyball Girls 8   +

F-MSVB8-19, Volleyball Girls 8    
Volleyball Girls Varsity/JV/9   +

F-VBJV/V, Volleyball 9/JV/V    
Wrestling   +
W-WGJV/V1920, Wrestling JV/V - Girls    
Wrestling JV/Varsity   +

W-WBVJV1920, Wrestling V/JV